Volume 2 Number 4, June 1997


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Dear readers;

Contributions were a little better this month. At this rate there still are not enough letters and stories being submitted to justify a July issue. Come on, you people, and dig deep into those true experiences to share with our readers. Let's keep this newsletter the BEST publication for shoe and foot fetishes on the web.

Mick O.

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From the GIRLS!

All right, Mick(ooooohhhh),

I promised and I deliver. Never let it be said Sonja could not hold a man's sexual interest despite himself. (Thanks for holding on!) You may release............the publication now. Here are my new shots from this week. I have more, of course, that I am holding until I finish my story for you (that is if your readers are responsive).

dangles and teases, Sonja SonjasLaw@aol.com or SonjasLaw@hotmail.com

Dear Micko,

I delighted that you are back online. Really missed the Patent Letter and the community it had drawn. This made me aware that there was definitely a need for quality and sexy High Heels. As I have the best source available here in Switzerland, I decided to set up a site and to make them available to all fellow fetishists at www.veronicas.com. See you soon,

Veronica veronica@access.ch

Dear Mick,

I love your site and am quite impressed with what you've done for such a seemingly small portion of the population. Excellent. My name is Xandria and I am the Editrix for Redemption. I also have a bit of a hand in SECRET magazine. I have currently completed an article on high heel fetish for SECRET magazine. The publisher of SECRET thought it appropriate to complement the article with either an interview or an article from someone with a very deep intense high heel fetish. I was hoping that you or someone you know might be interested in assisting me with such a piece. I would greatly appreciate your time in this matter and I look forward to hearing from you. Xandria's Personal Web Site can be found at: http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/7113. Wishing you all the best, I remain, sincerely in latex,

Xandria redemption@pacificgroup.net

From the COUPLES!

Just watched the Bettie Page thing on "E" channel. Not too impressed. There was very little info that was not already available on the net. The psuedo interview with Bettie herself was very "blah". Could have been anybody with a southern accent. It was done "shadow style" so you could not see her.

Sorry to hear of the problems of no material to print. I went through that with a social club many years ago. I volunteered to print the club paper and after 6 months I had published all the news there was. No one was offering any more, and the people were complaining about the paper so I said if anyone could do better they could have at it, 'cause I was gone. I went back to just being a member and the paper died... but everything is fine. Hee hee. Anyway, the old man and I have told you about every story we can remember about our high heel experiences. We have all the stories we sent you on floppies. We checked them and can not think of any others right now. I am going to bite the bullet and order a custom made pair of Bettie Page baby dolls before too long and if the quality and fit is okay my husband will order a pair later. I will let you know how that turns out. If you stop publishing Patent Letter, let me know if there is any change in your e-mail address. At least we can exchange stories when they happen. Thanks again. We'll, talk to you later.

Alexandria & Old Man

From the BOYS!

Dear Mick,

First, I think praise is in order for a job well done. I really enjoy reading your magazine Patent Letter with its wide range of articles for and from all sorts of people interested in the High Heel scene. I must relate a little happening that occurred not to long ago. I happened to be present when a friend of the family began discussing what new boots she was going to buy. She's an attractive lady who's never shied away from wearing heels but She's never worn anything over about three inches as far as I know. During this discussion of hers I managed to sneak a look at the brochure she was flashing about. Imagine my horror when I saw that the highest heels there were only around one inch.

Anyway, I pretended not to be interested (as you do) but when I again glanced over at her she saw me and became, all of a sudden, very reticent. "Why would she clam up like that?" I asked myself, "surely you're only discussing a pair of boots." I thought about her actions and decided that they would have been more appropriate if she'd been talking about some sexual matter. And then it hit me. She 'had' been talking about a sexual matter! Her Boots! Wow, was she on the same wave length as me? Possibly, but I soon began to doubt it. But It had definitely crossed her mind as to whether she should be discussing her footwear in front of a member of the opposite sex. What was going through her mind? I thought about digging out a brochure full of ultra heel boots and sending it to her anonymously but it's been to soon after the event. She'd be bound to guess it was me.

Here's another thing that's been bugging me ever since I don't know when. Why do women (and some women journalists I've noticed) insist on calling low heeled shoes, high heeled shoes? I feel like saying, listen girl, you haven't seen anything yet until you've waked on a pair of six inch ultra's. That really bugs me. Most women don't see the High heel for what it really is, an amplifier of femininity. Get 'em into a pair of decent heels and the first thing that happens is the leg takes on more shape when the calf muscle becomes more pronounced. Of course, the wearing of such tall heels makes the girl want to fall forward so she has to lean back. In so doing her lower back tails off beautifully and highlights the backside. And of course, whilst she's busy leaning back she can't help but stick her torpedoes out. Take it from me girls, if you're short of a little male company get yourself some pencil thin six inch stilettos. Before you can say Jack Nicholson you'll be beating us off with a stick, (I should be so lucky). And to finish with, has anybody heard what I heard about leg men? Apparently they're suppose to be more intelligent than tit men. I was a bit of a leg man myself until I began focusing on stilettos. Does that make me and everybody else who reads this page geniuses? I've put some thought into why this could be true and come up with an answer of sorts. People who were breast fed end up brighter because it's natural milk, right, so after a few years they get pissed off having a tit shoved in their face and end up clinging to mummies shoes or legs in search of something new. Does that make sense? I don't know. I don't know anything anymore except that girls in high heels made me go hard as hell.

Yours Steve S


This is not my computer and not my e-mail, so I will say what I must and leave before the owner (my supervisor) gets back. I have been a shoe fetish from the first day I can recall!!! I never knew that definition before I saw your page. To my surprise, I discovered there are more guys "like me" that love high heeled women's shoes, to watch and to smell. Please, if anyone knows, I wish to know how I become a shoe fetish. If you can, answer through your most beloved magazine, and refer to me as "sln1". This is because I have no e-mail and no private working station.. I also am attaching a small gift as a tribute to your greatest work - the Patent Letter. Please try and find an answer for me, because it is a thing that has bothered me for over 25 years! Thanks in advance,


Our Reply: Does it matter how it began? I suspect my first experience was in my mother's closet with her shiny patent leather pumps. This got me started. But what caused me to be so greatly affected by the experience is anyone's guess. So, just relax and enjoy it!

When I was 20 years old in 1969, I got a job at Neiman Marcus in Dallas, Texas. I wanted and got the woman's shoe section. This is when zip up boots were popular. When someone wanted to try a pair on I would always bring back several pairs. As I zipped them up I always held their calf with my left hand an very slowly zipped it up. You would be surprised how long I could play with their leg, and sometimes I could get them to try on the other boot. What a rush, and it was legal.


My ex-wife bought me a pair of black patent leather pants for my birthday once. She loved the way I looked in them, and she knew I loved the distinctive shine! She liked to wear black patent also in shoes with 2 or 3 inch heels. Once we went to a small party and she insisted that I wear my black patent leather pants and shoes. Of course I did. A while into the party we were fast dancing and she started to rub my legs and then my private area. She was really hot for me, and, of course, I started to heat-up. She then grabed my hand and took me upstairs to a bedroom. Before I could unbuckle my belt she unzipped my zipper and ...you know the rest! I continue to wear these patent pants and shoes as I've gotten so many women to respond in a simular manner...

Dan. CBQH25A@prodigy.com


It is Mr. Anonymous again, sneaking on my boss' computer while he's out for lunch... Thank you for showing my pic last issue! I have made another one, please use it! (Sorry, this one could not be decoded either! - Ed.) Your mag. is the best place on the net! I would be very sorry if it would stop! Please encourage more people to send material!

Mr. Anonymous

I am an avid fan of your published work. My first experience wirh Patent was with a pair of spike heel bump toe tango pumps on a shelf left there by a lady gym teacher in my school.


Has anyone ever had any dealings with DeMars shoe company? I am considering buying some boots from them. Please e-mail me here:


Dear Mick,

Just wanted to say a quick thank you for your news letter on patent leather heels. I have read all the articles, and really enjoy knowing I'm not alone out there.

I have had a shoe fetish since I was a young child. I hate to date myself, but while I was growing up, all the young girls wore saddle shoes. I had tried to find them in the past, but all I got was cheap imitations. I can remember one time I snuck into a neighbor girls house just to get a scent of her saddle shoes. I just knew no one was at home, but I was wrong. She was there and caught me. I would like to say that I had my first sexual experience at that time, but I can't. I was still able to get her shoes "on loan" and used them for my own self gratification by licking and kissing them.

Thanks to PL, you have informed me of hepcat's that make the true, full leather, saddle shoe. I have ordered a pair for my wife (?). You see, she understands and accepts my fetish for boots, heels and now saddle shoes. I apprecieate your bringing more excitement into our love life. If you know of anyone who also has a "love" for saddle shoes, please have them contact me. Once again, thanks for your newsletter.


Dave DaveR30176@aol.com

From the BOYS who want to be GIRLS!

Dear Mick,

I just wanted to tell you how very much I like your newsletter. I am devoted to high heels and women's shoes. Although I am a man, as I write this I am in a rubber French maid's outfit with a very full petticoat, black nylons, pink panties, and 5 1/4" black patent heels.(sorry, we could not decode the Picture - Ed.) I started in women's shoes when as a boy. On a weekend, when my father was out of town, my mother bought me a all white suit for church. She took me to a shoe store but did not like the white shoes they had for boys so she got me a pair of white girl's t-straps and forced me to wear them. It was very humiliating but at the same time I loved it. I learned to wear my sisters heels and nylons with my mother's help when she found out how much I liked it.

Today I am married to a wonderful women who understands and I have over 100 pair of all kinds of women's shoes heels, flats, slip on's, even nurses shoes. I wear heels around the house and am forced to wear white leather kids or flats with nylons out in public especially grocery shopping where she loves to humiliate me. I am forced to try on all my women's shoes in the store before buying them and have found the sales people have a lot of fun with it. I dress as a man most of the time but with nylons panties and women's shoes. Thank you again for your publication.


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From Dr. Shoecare's Forum:

A Dasco Stretcher Can ease tight shoes where one foot is bigger than the other, and ensure maximum comfort. Regarding Patent thigh boots::

How do I keep my patent leather thigh boots nice and shiny?

Tina Paver tinais@legend.co.uk posted at 16:13 on 13th October 1996.

Like you, I own multiple pairs of patent leather footware. I found that a very light coat of patrolium jelly buffed into the finish works fantastic.

Tina B. jezabel@concentric.net posted at 6:53 on 4th December 1996.

Ask me and I will come round and polish them for you.

John shoes@legend.co.uk posted at 16:15 on 13th October 1996.


May 1997 wstagner@earthlink.net

Well, it's the 90's and we've heard of every other disease. So how about a little high heel pump paranoia? I can't say that I'm too surprised. My wife and I started our business 5 years ago because we couldn't find any plain, sexy, and simple high heel pumps.

Especially over the past few months we've had more multiple pair first-time purchases than we've ever had. We've even had new customers, who've just received their first order, call back and order 9 or 10 more pair. When I say "I'll bet I know why you're ordering all these shoes.", I tell them and I'm right, the customers seem genuinely surprised. Even when I tell customers that as long as we're in business, they'll be able to buy their favorite shoes, it doesn't assuage their fear.

Fortunately, there are many successful niche marketeers who cater to high quality, specialty items. Ours just happens to be high heel pumps.

Our fear (or paranoia) is that the factories in Spain won't be interested enough in the relatively small quantities of pumps that we're buying. After all, they're flooding the market with these ugly clunky things that they're churning out by the thousands. Take heart though. Our two suppliers have assured us they will continue to make our shoes as long as we keep buying them.

Well, as I said last month. It's up to you, our prospective customers to support us. Without you, high heels might be relegated to the shelves of used clothing stores. Even if you don't buy anything, visit our site sometime and let us know that you're out there. Because some day.....

See you next month.


Three Short Stories -

1. Shoe Experiences
Name and address withheld by request

I can remember being fascinated by heels all the way back to when I was 4 or 5. My aunt was a very attractive blonde and she wore heels a lot. Once when they came for a visit I took a pair of her heels and played with them in water. My folks had a fit but my aunt was pretty cool about it. As I got older I use to wear my mom and sisters heels around the house. My dad made fun of me but I just had to wear them. As I got older I found myself jacking off on them as much as I could. When I was in high school I worked at a car dealership and would go to work early just so I could go into the office and pick out one of the ladies heels (which they left under their desks) and find my way to the bathroom. It was a real turn on to see them wearing the same shoes I had jacked off onto. I would check out all the cars that came in for service to see if any shoes had been left behind. If so I would make it my job to be sure that those heels got a good going over.I have no idea how many ladies heels got a little extra service but I would estimate a good hundred or more. I have jacked off on all the heels I can get my hands on and at 45+ years that has been a lot. I just can't get enough of them!!!!!!!!

2. High Heel Art Project
Written by: Hhss hheelss@geocities.com

I was an art professor for an all girl college in the mid-west. Most of the girls were quite and kept to them selves. Spent most of their spare time studying and being the best daddies girls as possible. Usually nothing was to provocative or outstanding in my art class.

The girls typically turned in pictures of their homes, families, or some boyfriend at an ivy league school. I tried, and tried to make them have one creative bone pop out of their tiny little frames. Anything for me to submit to the mid-west art festival.

Then I had an idea to get the girls in the arty mood. Halloween was next week, and I thought it would be fun if the girls dressed up in some outfits they didn't normally wear. Not the usual clean cut, cookie cutter J-Crew girls. Pick out some outfit you see other women wear, that you thought you would never wear.

To my surprise the whole class took part in the idea. At most I thought a couple of the girls would dress up. But there was this one girl who thought it would be fun to dress as a lady of the evening. She spared none of daddy's money. Complete with a tight PVC dress down to the black paten five inch heel. These heels were quite a site, shinny black paten leather, with a sexy black heel and a pointed, narrow steel tip.

She walked perfectly into the room, not a single wobble to hinder her stride. Her heels clicked across the wooden floors as if she was walking to a seductive rhythm. I noticed her narrow pointed heels cutting a little mark in the floor where she stepped. But I wasn't going to say a word. The tiny circle marks in the floor brought me to attention immediately.

She sat at her table with her other friends, comparing their outfits. But everyone was intrigued with the five inch pointed steel tip heels. They asked, how she could ever walk in those shoes. She had made it look so easy. I overheard her say she had a boyfriend who loved it when she wore five inch heels to bed. After nights of dancing for her boyfriend she had become quite a professional high heel walker.

When class started, she started taking notes, and crossing her legs. Her legs had become tired from walking. She wasn't used to wearing them for more than a half-hour. She started to stretch her feet in the shoes by rocking them back in forth on the ultra pointed steel tipped heel. It was incredible to watch her dig that sliver pointed heel into the wooden floor. After a couple minutes of rocking the steel tipped heel back forth on the wooden floor, it was showing scares. Like a cat scratching at a wooden door. The noise along caused me to start my painting lesson early.

Today's lesson in art was finger painting. I gave all the girls fresh tubes of paint to spread on cardboard boxes. The boxes were to represent their families. My favorite girl with the five inch heels, I guess hated her family. She wanted the box to lay flat on the ground to represent how narrow her family was. Next to my pleasure, she didn't want to give her family the pleasure of a finger painting. She wanted to walk all over her family. She laid a black tube of paint on the cardboard and then proceeded to crush the tube with her pointed heel. The tube was no match for the narrow heel with 100 lb. crushing on it. The heel went through the tube and the cardboard box. She kept walking around on the cardboard, leaving black outlines of her shoes and holes in the cardboard. The crunching sound was delightful. The two outlines of her pointed heels left on the cardboard, the tiny circle heel and triangle toe, was too much for me to take anymore. I had to leave the room and gratify my urges.


I've been reading the Patent Letter for over a year now and I find it an excellent forum for like minded souls. (pardon the pun). I've read every issue and thought it was high heel time I added my perspective on our favorite subject. My own fascination with high heeled ladies started from any early age. I'm not a hundred percent sure if it preceded puberty or not. I tend to think it did. I guess most of your readers also acquired their fixation from an early age, maybe you could ask them.

I've always felt there's something incredibly arousing about a woman strutting her stuff in shapely patent high heels. I don't know what it is about them that turns me on so much but the effect on me is consistent and all powerful. Whether it be on the street, in the workplace or traveling on public transport as soon as I spot those shiny high heels flashing in my vicinity, my eyes are instantly drawn to them like a moth to a flame. I especially love women who wear classic high heel pumps that are 4 inches or higher. Many a time I've walked along the foot path behind a beautiful woman transfixed by the motion of her shoes. Of course some of the best spotting is done on public transport. I've had several magic moments while commuting to work by tram.

On one memorable occasion a beautiful blonde hopped on board in the business district wearing a short black skirt. I couldn't believe my luck, she was a dream come true. In her early 20's about 5'8'', Long blonde hair and long, long legs. But best of all she was wearing classic black 4 inch high heel pumps. As you could imagine my pulse rate went off the scale. I was sitting diagonally opposite her as she stood legs apart no more than five feet away. I don't know how obvious it was but I couldn't help continually staring at this vision of loveliness. I kept spying on her from behind my newspaper. Whether or not she noticed the attention I was giving her I'm not sure. She's the type who would attract stares from admirers on a regular basis.

I was thinking how fantastic it would be if I could only drop down to the floor of the tram and commence worshipping this Goddesses shoes. It's a pity we don't live in a world where such behavior is condoned. Perhaps we'll see such a world in an upcoming episode of Sliders. Somehow I think not. Anyway I digress. As the old tram pulled up at each intersection and broke my lady in black anchored her feet to the floor. Each time she shifted position the light flashed against her black patent heels. To say I was becoming excited was an understatement.

Then her mobile phone rang. Now I could hear this yuppie blonde temptress speak as I she balanced on her delicate heels. She was discussing some business meeting. I thought how I'd love to be sitting at the table with her as she discussed some corporate business. Better still what would it be like sitting under the table while this woman of perfection dangled her heels. Soon I arrived at my stop but instead of getting off and heading to work I stayed seated. As the tram pulled off the woman of my dreams continued to stare out the window with haughty indifference to the admirer seated opposite her. I thought to myself I'd do anything for a high heeled lady like her. If only I had the guts to compliment her on her sexy attire. Who knows she may even be into guys who worship women in high heels. I'll never know as it was getting late and I had to get off. It was two stops down the road from where I should have been. I left my stiletto blonde to continue her journey to where ever she was headed.

Public transport does have certain advantages, especially if you travel to the city each day as I do. Unfortunately these days your chances of spotting a lady in classic heels is nothing like it was in the halcyon days of the late 80's. Who ever came up with this hideous retro-fashion trend we have to endure lately should be shot. I thought we'd seen the last of the chunky heels in the 70's but no, some bright spark in Milan or Paris has to dictate that now this footwear is de rigueur. As the heels get thicker our chance of spotting the ideal lady grows slimmer, what irony. What is the world coming to? Am I the only man on this planet who finds this fashion trend a total turn off? From what I've seen on the web I'd have to say no. The number of sites devoted to women wearing elegant footwear appears to be burgeoning.

Personally I'd be interested in knowing what other readers think of the latest fashions out there. Are you like me and a fan of the classic high heel pump? Do you also love the sight of long legged women in tight skirts teasing you with their high heeled pumps? I'd better get off my soap box now. Thanks once again Mick for proving a invaluable outlet for those of us with similar interests. I implore all like minded souls out there to share their experiences and thoughts on our favorite subject. Don't hold back, submit to the Patent Letter now. It's not as hard as you think. I'd be quite interested in hearing any fresh perspectives whether they be from a male of female point of view. Mick, I appeal to all readers to get off their collective behinds and contribute to the Letter. I personally would love to know what others have experienced, Good luck.

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http://members.aol.com/cyberheel1/index.html We have moved Cyberheels.Thomas & Larissa
http://www.pierresilber.com/link/links.html Fetish Footwear
http://www.thoughts.com/shoes/ Terri's Shoe Pages
http://websites.earthlink.net/~ztp1/passion.html Zippy's Place
http://home.clara.net/spikeyf/spikey.htm This is a homepage from an English girl with some pics of herself in heels, other pics and links.
http://members.aol.com/phnheels/menu.htm A selection of self pics of a woman named Ash wearing a variety of heels.
http://www.netropolis.net/mrw/july Updated monthly selections of a woman wearing hose and heels.
http://www.demon.co.uk/slumspace Dogstar - high heel retailer in London, UK. http://www.rowe.ch/scarpina

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Ross Dress for Less commercial on television shows a closeup of a model on the beach wearing some shiny patent mules.

Showgirl Murders movie. It showed two scenes your readers would have enjoyed. One was a dancer in a PVC cat suit and a pair of knee-high lace up patent leather boots. ( By the way, I have a pair exactly like them. ) She strips the cat suit off by unzipping it. In another scene she is dresses in what appears to be latex. This includes a rubber mask and a spiked collar . ( Shades of Ms. Peel in one early "Avengers" episode. ) She is also wearing a pair of thigh high platform patent leather boots, Using a whip as a prop. During the dance she has one of the patrons lick the boots on stage. There are allso a number of scenes showing RuPaul style platform shoes. Karla

From an article by Debra Wald of the Daily Mail, London.

RED is the most daring and outrageous shoe color. The wearer is blatantly sexy. BLACK and navy blue are more somber, inhibited shoe colors favored by sensible, thoughtful types. Black patent is the exception, indicating a desire for an exotic lifestyle. LEATHER shoes are more practical and are favored by committed types who like their lives to be structured. Such people are not impulsive and tend to be duty bound - after all, they have to maintain that high polished gloss. BUCKLES show a desire to be in control - the bigger the buckle, the more important control is in the wearers life. A tiny buckle suggests a sensitive, feminine soul. ROSETTES are flirtatious and are often worn by older women who are confident and at ease in company. HIGH HEELS show confidence, self assured sexuality and an enjoyment of display. FLAT shoes are favored by the sensible brigade who don't like to stand out. BOOTS suggest a woman who likes to assert control in life. The higher the length, the more control she needs. LACE-UPS are worn by women who are confident about their status and don't suffer fools gladly. At work, laces indicate a woman with success on her mind. She'll be trustworthy, too. MULES and sling backs are the sexiest shoes of all. Easily kicked off and tantalizing in what they reveal and hide. PEEP toes appeal to the respectable woman who wants to have fun and enjoys a chance to be coquettish on a night out. BOWS, especially on flat shoes, appeal to innocent, naive types. They're the sort of women who don't want to grow up. GOLD accessories are a real giveaway. The more they feature on the shoe, the less real wealth the wearer has. The mark of real wealth and confidence is a subtle use of gold. BROWN is worn by a woman who's warm-nature and home-loving.

From the Sunday Times 14th April 1996.

Any old fool can wear stilettos. Many fools do. But it takes considerable intelligence to wield them. There are plenty of high-heeled imbeciles strutting around, arranging parties, working in fashion and PR, trying to get modeling contracts and secretly toiling as call girls. They may all wear stilettos, but they are not necessarily qualified to do so. Only clever women understand the spike heel's understated finesse, which is as subtle as the serpent of Eden. The type of stiletto girl's Henry Brocklehurst was talking about are the soulless glamor pusses of LA - starlets, chorus girls, mannequins, all glitter, all tinsel, all tabloid. I've known a few of these in my time. They're not worthy wearers of the sacred stiletto. My high-heeled ideal is also a long way from Masoch's dominatrix Venus in Furs, piercing her victim with her stilettos. I've had personal experience of this type, too - I once received mysterious calls from a flirtatious rich girl in LA who ended every conversation thus: ' I'm flying over to see you, I've booked a Dorchester suit and I'm bringing my stilettos.' ' Well,' I answered, ' you'll need some shoes in London, but I'm not sure stilettos would be the most comfortable.' ' You bet they won't be comfortable!' she snapped with a throaty, ominous laugh. ' They'll be agony! I know what you British public school types!' This was not my sort of stiletto woman. We never met and later a friend confessed to giving my number to the spike -heeled dominatrix in LA, whom he had told to ' call Sebag, he worships stiletto pain!' No, the true stiletto woman, the one that Brocklehurst is unwisely turning his back on, differs fundamentally from the obvious starlet type, or the sadistic dominatrix. Her glamour is more subtle, although, to be honest, it is not really the glamour that attracts me. I don't look at her shoes or her shoulder pads. I just look into her eyes and I can see all I need to know there. The real stiletto woman is a Dumas heroine, such as the countess de Winter in The Three Musketeers. She's the courageous, well dressed woman of cool intelligence who is perfectly capable of making love at tea time, holding an early-evening salon for the emperor and his generals, selling some bonds after dinner, meeting her poet lover for a rendezvous around 10 and starting a war at midnight. Augustus's Empress Livia, despite wearing sandals, was stiletto to the soul, and the first of her kind. She was the beautiful, ruthless and intelligent force behind Augustus's seizure of power and his creation of the Roman Empire. Stiletto women are often writers or politicians, with quills as effective as their heels. Paragons of the species are Lady Antonia Fraser, Coco Chanel, Dianna Rigg, Colette, Catherines Deneuve and the Great, Margaret Thatcher, Edna O'Brien and American novelists Anne Rice and Susanna Moore. Doyenne of the all is the long-legged writer and beauty Barbara Amiel. The reason the girl in stilettos is so attractive is that her intelligence is matched by her personality and joie de vivre. Her beauty is matched by her capacity for pleasure. Once home, the public image of the ruthless predator with her stabbing heels is balanced by her ability to be cozy. It is the public coolness of a woman of the stiletto-borne intelligence that makes her private warmth all the more valuable.

Simon Sebag Montefiore 106220.3035@compuserve.com

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I'm a SWM in the NYC area, I LOVE being TORTURED & TRAMPLED with High Heels. I would like to meet ANYONE that would like to trample me under their High Heels. I will travel to meet you. Let me be the Welcome Mat at your next Party or Event!!! I am for real. Photo's and videos are OK. I would also like to hear from anyone into the same. I hope to hear from YOU soon.

Your Door Mat Arthur (MrRugman) MrRugman@aol.com

PS: I have trample pic's to trade



I really love women wearing high-heels. I started to collect pictures some month ago and have now a collection of over a thousand. Anybody who wants to trade high-heel pictures should contact me. I'm running also an FTP-Server where people can upload and download highheel pix. The IP is You can't log on with a browser, you'll need an FTP-program (At least when using a Mac or a PC). When using UNIX there is an FTP-program available and it depends on the commands of this program whether you can send messages or not. If you need an FTP-program for a Mac or a PC I can send you one. (Editor's Note: I logged on successfully to this FTP site, but you must get a username and password assigned FIRST. After I logged into my internet account using a 32 bit dialup in Win 95, I press Start, Run, and type FTP. It is built into Windows 95. This brings up a DOS window in which, if you type HELP, it will give you a list of available FTP commands. Type open, then the IP address ( It will them prompt you for a username and password. Once logged on, you can get a directory listing by typing ls. Change directory by typing cd directory-name. When you are able to do an ls command and see .jpg files, use the get and mget *.jpg commands to download pictues. They may end up on the desktop. Use Explorer to drag them to a suitable directory. If you know Unix commands, this will help you a lot! Good luck. There are LOTS of pictures to be had. For access, contact the FTP site's owner, Oliver Dammann dammann@uke.uni-hamburg.de. - Ed.)

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