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A very nice story ...
Bill Anderson was a 14 year old highly pubescent student in Liz's class. A slightly frail and very feminine looking boy, 5 feet tall but with a huge schlong and a bigger appetite for Liz.
Bill was fascinated with her shoes and always sat at the front of her class to study her incredible footwear and her steeply arched insteps. He marveled at how easily she seemed to walk about at the front of the class and how her high thin heels clicked with each of her tiny steps.

Bill sat at the cafeteria window and watched as Liz attempted to cross the football field. He could see that the mud was pulling at her high heeled shoes, and he watched in fascination since this was the first time that she had ever seemed to have trouble walking in her fine stiletto heels. A particularly wet area of the muck pulled one of her high heeled pumps off her foot. He thought, as Liz retrieved her delicate pump from the slop, that she would take off her other high heeled shoe and carry her shoes to the school in bare feet, but he was surprised to see her put tiny stocking clad foot into the muck covered high heeled pump.
Bill discreetly followed his teacher when she entered the school. She walked in wet filthy stockings and high heeled shoes now brown from the mud, into her classroom. In a moment she emerged again carrying a glistening pair of very low cut black patent high heeled pumps that had huge white bows on the pointed toes.

As she went into the main door of the chemistry lab, Bill quietly slipped in the rear door and hid in the back of the room to watch her. Liz stepped out of her tight skirt to reveal her bare cunt and ass. Bill's cock throbbed as Liz removed her garter belt then slipped off her dirty stockings and her filthy high heeled pumps. Sitting bare assed by the sink, she washed the dirt from her tiny bare feet and lovingly dried them. Absolutely naked from the waist down, she stepped down and spent some time shining her black patent leather evening pumps. It seemed so strange to see her feet flat upon the floor, until she unclipped the large white bows from the ultra-pointed toes, stood the glistening high heeled pumps on the floor and stepped her bare feet up into the delicate rapier heeled pumps.
The heels of these pretty pumps were to his surprise, even higher than the towering stilts that she normally wore. The toes of the tiny pumps were so low cut and so pointed that the cleavage between her cramped toes showed above the shiny black patent vamps. After she had refastened her narrow skirt and tucked in her blouse, she filled the lab sink with water and thoroughly washed her stockings and her high heeled spectator pumps. It seemed strange to Bill that she gave so much extra time and attention to cleaning the high slender heels. When the black and white leather shone like new again, Bill was fascinated to see her lovingly kiss each narrow heel. Liz checked the lab schedule for the day, and noticing that it would not be required by the students until tomorrow, she stuffed her wet stockings into the toes of her 5" heeled spectator pumps and put her garter belt and the white bow clips into her purse.
She stood the fine pumps with their high skinny heels on the counter to dry, and clicked out of the lab on her now even higher heeled evening pumps.

Alone now, Bill walked over to the table to look at his teacher's delicate shoes; he picked them up, removed the black stockings from the toes and was fascinated by the steep insoles and long narrow heels that held her feet on such a high arch. He wondered how her toes could fit into the tight points. Bill decided that he had to try them on. Almost in a trance, he took off his sneakers, sweat socks and jeans. He slipped his feet into the sheer and delicate stockings. His cock pulsed as he slid the fine material up his legs. Reverently he held each fine pump by its shining patent leather heel as he cramped his toes into the tiny pointed toed shoes and then by arching his instep he was able to slide the back of his feet into the beautiful pumps. Rising to his feet, he realized that her high heeled shoes were holding his arches at an incredible angle but that his feet and legs could look as magnificent as hers.

Walking was very difficult and he wondered how his teacher could do it with such ease. He pranced around the class for some time before it became any easier to maintain his balance. After about an hour, of standing and walking in her damp high heeled shoes, his toes, arches and pads burned unmercifully, but the click of the steel heels, the wonderful look and sensation of wearing suck beautiful high heels made the pain all worthwhile (maybe even more exciting).Bill did not however, hear the second set of steel tipped stiletto heels click into the room.
 He stood in shock on 5" high heels as she quietly said "You must learn to trust your heels and to place your weight on them. You must also try to keep your stiletto heels up straight when you walk. The high heels of your pumps are teetering too much. Come to my house after school." and she turned and left on clicking high heels.
When Bill reached the door, he had no idea what to expect. He had called his mother to say that he was helping his teacher and would not be home until 7:00pm. When he rang the doorbell, Liz answered wearing a tight black teddy with long garters, black stockings, and pink 5" high heeled slippers made of satin and marabou. Bill handed her the now dry spectator pumps and stockings and she simply said, "Once we have you properly dressed then you will help me with my high heeled shoes".

In her bedroom she ordered Bill to strip naked, and although embarrassed he did as instructed. Liz placed a wig on his head that gave him a long and very sexy blonde hairstyle. She then did his make-up in an evening style so that when Bill looked in the mirror, all he saw was a very beautiful female face with long blonde hair. Ignoring his bulging prick, Liz dressed him in a padded silk bra and a silk garter belt. She then smoothed his legs into a pair of sheer black seamed stockings which she carefully straightened and fastened to his delicate garters. Over his head Liz pulled a tight black and gold French maid outfit that had a built in crinolines. The skirt was too short to cover his stocking tops but because the crinolines held it in a flared style, his erect cock did not show.

Liz stood him in front of a full length mirror and asked "What do you think of your new look?" Bill was amazed at his own beauty but he also knew, looking at his bare stockinged feet that the outfit could not yet be complete. He said "May I please have some high heeled shoes to go with these beautiful clothes". Liz laughed and reached behind the dresser and pulled out a pair of gold patent leather D'Orsay pumps with ultra pointed toes and stiletto heels that measured 5" high. The insoles of the delicate D'Orsay pumps was made of a shiny gold leather and the soles were shiny black. She sat Bill down and Liz forced his toes into the tightly pointed toes and then as he arched his feet, she spread the tight narrow backs and his feet slipped easily into the pumps and up onto the high narrow heels. Liz led Bill teetering on his deliciously high heels into a room with mirrors around the walls at floor level so he could see both his high heeled shoes and her dainty stiletto heeled slippers from all angles.

As Betty had done for her many years before, Liz taught Bill how to trust his weight on the high slim stilettoes and how to keep his heels straight as he walked. After walking in front of the mirror for about one hour, Bill felt like his toes were crushed, his were pads burning, and his arches ached on their steep perch. But in his maid outfit, in his role as a female, and especially in his high heeled shoes, he was enjoying intense pleasure. He was also becoming quite expert. Walking was now quite easy, as he strutted his ultra slim stiletto heels around the tile room listening to the click as each steel tipped heel hit the tile.

Standing was also an art, as he soon learned how to balance on one high heeled shoe as he tilted the other inward toward his ankle.Liz said "Go to my closet and fetch my black patent 6" heeled opera pumps that have the satin bow at the top of the heel and don't you dare take your high heeled shoes off or try any of my other high heeled shoes on". Bill clicked in his high gold D'Orsays into the large walk-in closet and was shocked at the incredible collection of high heeled shoes, all arranged neatly on shelves. Not one pair had been allowed to fall over; they all stood on their long rapier heels and Bill could see that the lowest heels in the Mistress' collection were the same height as he was now wearing and had thought to be so high. 

Unlike his mother's closet, there was not a single pair of flat shoes. After no small amount of looking, Bill found a shelf of unbelievably high heeled pumps. There were many pairs in lots of different colors and leathers but they all had the same magnificently high and slender 6" stiletto heel. Of the total at least ten pairs were black and some were some patent leather. After a few moments of delicious looking, Bill found the black patent opera pumps with a large a soft satin bow fastened to the top of the back of the pump above the narrow heel. Amused that his Mistress had admonished him not to remove his gold high heeled D'Orsays but wishing he could try on every single pair, Bill picked up the 6" high heels he had been sent to fetch and took them to Liz.

"You must first clean my pumps by licking them all over with your tongue and pay special attention to the heels and then you may then put them on my feet". Bill did as he was told and it gave him great pleasure. He was grateful for the cut of his skirt cause it covered his huge wang as it throbbed when he licked and sucked the high heels. When the black patent pumps shone, he knelt before his mistress and one-by-one he gently removed the high delicate slippers and placed her feet in the towering 6" high heeled pumps. She stood and he watched her walk toward the door, amazed at the apparent ease with which she walked since her arches were now pushed up and forward passed vertical.

Liz said "We have guests coming. While I dress, you go to my closet and pick out two pairs of dressy pumps with very pointed toes and 5" high heels. They must be very sexy evening pumps. If you do very well in your choice and if you wear your gold high heels well while my guests are here, then I will reward you later by letting you try on some more of my high heeled shoes", and she left the room.Picking up his Mistress's satin high heeled slippers, Bill wiggled on his high gold D'Orsays back to the closet. Despite sore feet, he was becoming adept at walking wih feminine grace in the sexy heels. After a great deal of consideration, Bill picked out two pairs of 5" heeled pumps. One was a pair of black patent plain pumps with silver stilleto heels and the others were red satin pumps with large with bows fastened to the toes. Both pair had toes pointed almost as much as his delicious D'Orsays. After cleaning the lovely high heels, Bill took them downstairs to await her.Liz entered the room wearing a black silk strapless dress that came to just above her knees.
Her 6" high heeled opera pumps held her black stockinged legs in the most perfect shape, but his 5" heeled D'Orsay pumps made his legs look the same. She said "When my guests arrive, you will say that you are my maid Ilka; they won't notice anything because you are now a striking high heeled woman".

When the doorbell rang, Liz was making a drink at the bar so Ilka after adjusting his stockings, wiggled on rapier 5" heels to the door to let in the Mistress' guests. Theys were two grade 12 girls from Ilka's school, and he was surprised and excited that they did not recognize him. Although they were both very lovely, they were dressed in the current fashion of bulky skirts and sweaters and flat heeled ankle boots worn over socks. As Ilka led them to the living room, he smiled to himself as he heard one say "My God, this girl is almost as sexy as the teacher is. Can you imagine doing all the cooking and cleaning in an outfit like that and especially in those gorgeous high heeled shoes".

Liz sat her guests while Ilka stood by the bar. Liz asked "Now what can I do for you girls?" Liz could see that while the one who was doing the talking spoke the other alternated her stares between Liz's and Ilka's high heeled shoes. Lisa the speaker was saying "All the boys at school talk about you. They say that you are the prettiest woman in the school and they don't pay any attention to us. We think that if you would teach us to do our hair and makeup, the boys will want to take us out". Liz laughed and answered "Although all of your young men are not aware of it, the reason the young men would rather look at Ilka or at me is because we wear high heeled shoes" and she femininely displayed the 6" stilleto heel in her delicate fingers.

Lisa started to say that men don't care about shoes, but the more quiet girl, Wendy, said "My mother made me wear a pair of her high heels for the dance at my sister's wedding. Tommy Adams who had never noticed me before, wanted to dance with me all night. Could it have been those high heeled shoes that turned him on to me?". Liz asked "How high were the heels on your mother's shoes?" and Wendy answered "Not nearly as high as yours and they weren't so slender." and displayed a space between her thumb and finger indicating that her mothers heels which she had worn were about 2" high. Liz said "If you want to catch a man and hold him, wear high heeled shoes, but if you wear the highest thinnest heels you can find, it will really keep him interested".

Both girls said "Please help us to learn about the kind of high heels we should wear". After Liz had determined that Lisa wore a size 6 and Wendy a 6 «, she told Ilka to fetch the two pairs of high heeled pumps he had selected. Ilka gave to Lisa the red pumps and because Wendy had shown real interest in heels she gave her the black patent pumps with the silver 5" stilleto heels. Liz instructed both girls to take off their boots and socks and immediately noticed how their toes spread from never having worn pointed toed shoes. Liz then instructed Ilka to help each of the girls on with the high heeled pumps. As Liz noticed, Lisa's relatively flat feet would cause her pain in high heeled shoes but Wendy had very high arches and that would mean that Liz's too small shoes for Wendy's 6 « size would still fit.
Ilka knelt in front of Lisa and gently but firmly pushed her feet into the red satin pumps and up onto the slender 5" stilleto heels. Lisa complained "There is no room for my toes, they're all crushed in the pointed toes of these high heeled shoes". Everyone ignored her bitching as Ilka knelt by Wendy. Wendy held her high heels for a moment and asked "These delicate heels are so slim and dainty, I'm afraid that I'll break one when I walk in them". Liz just said "If you are going to wear sexy stilleto heels then once in a while you are going to break a heel. That's why I have so many pairs of high heels. Now Ilka, these girls want to be high heeled women like us. Help her into those sexy stilleto heeled evening pumps".

The "like us" really turned Bill on and he strutted his gold D'Orsay heels over to Wendy to help her on with the pumps. Since Wendy wore no stockings and the pumps were « size too small, Ilka had to do some pushing to get Wendy's feet into the black patent high heeled pumps. Wendy's naturally high arches were steeply pitched in the tiny pointed pumps. While Lisa still moaned the lack of room in the pointed toes, Wendy cooed about how sexy her feet and legs looked and felt and said "These high heels are much nicer than my mum's little heels, I don't ever want to take them off". Liz said "Ladies, lets go to my den and learn to walk properly in our 5" high heeled pumps" and led a procession of steel heeled clicks to the tiled room of mirrors.
Wendy was a natural in high heeled shoes and shortly was strutting the click of her steel tipped heels around the room and looking at her heels in the mirror. "My black patent and silver 5" heels and Ilka's gold D'Orsays would have the boys drooling on our high heels, but I'd really love to have higher ones like your 6" heels- they're so sexy. If Tommy Adams saw me in those high heels, I could make him eat my pussy all night long and I wouldn't have to suck his cock".
Liz looked at poor Lisa who had mastered walking in the high 5" stilletos, but Liz knew that because of her wide flat feet, really high heeled shoes would always cause her great pain. Liz had total admiration for Lisa when she said "You know; I have never felt so pretty in my life. I'm never going to wear flat shoes again. May we keep these high heeled pumps?" Liz explained that the high heeled shoes that they had on were far too dressy for school but that if they pomised to return them that she would loan them all the high heeled shoes they might ever need.
Wendy persisted to ask for a pair of 6" heels but Liz said that it would take a lot more practice in 5" high heels before they might be ready to try 6" heels. She said "To show you what I mean, Ilka is much more expert in 5" heels than you two but she has not tried to wear 6" heels yet. I'll exchange high heeled shoes with her so you can see how much practice you will need and and then I'll go get you two some high heeled pumps that will be suitable for school.
Ilka was thrilled but as he stepped down off his 5" heeled D'Orsays, he thought his arches might explode. The pain of stepping down off his high heeled shoes was worse than that of walking in them. Liz easily stepped up into the gold D'Orsay heels but Ilka was having a much tougher time. Ilka was now standing in the black patent pumps with the 6" heels and straining to keep his knees straight, but each time he tried to take a step, he almost fell on his face. Liz laughed and said "You girls see that; you add much more than a little inch when you up from 5" to 6" high heels. You must first become very expert in the high heels that you've been wearing", and she left the room.
Ilka was feeling very unsteady but was also feeling intense pleasure from the perch of the teetering 6" stilleto heeled pumps.When Liz returned she gave to each girl, a pair of kid leather white pumps. The toes were pointed but only slightly so; the vamps of the pumps were very highly cut; and the heels even though they were 5" high, were not terribly thin. Both girls despite being new to the love of high heeled shoes, bemoaned the plain style of what was referred to as their new school shoes, but Liz just answered, "If you two show up in sexy evening pumps with stilleto high heels, everyone is going to immediately notice your shoes; but, if you show up in these virginal high heeled pumps they will all tend to think of your new shoe style as very lady-like.

 I promise that you will still get the pleasure since these heels are still 5" high, but no one will be conciously aware of just how sexy these pumps really are. Trust me, you'll be back into the pointed toed, stilleto heeled pumps, sooner than you know". After taking back her black patent and red satin evening pumps and sending the girls clicking down the sidewalk in their steel tipped but very ladylike high heeled pumps, Liz led Ilka to the den. Ilka was still struggling to walk gracefully in the 6" high heeled evening pumps but the pleasure was fantastic. Liz removed her dress, carelessly kicked off the high gold D'Orsays and tossed the black patent and red satin 5" high heels on the floor. She gracefully stepped up into a pair of silver patent mules with 5 1/2" heels. The straps were so thin, the soles so narrow and the heels were thinner than any Ilka had yet seen, that again he could not understand how his Mistress could even keep them on her feet, let alone walk with such ease.

She ordered him to pick up the discarded high heeled shoes and return them to their place in the closet. Ilka was instructed to return to the den stripped to his garter belt, stockings and 6" heeled evening pumps.Liz watched with pleasure as Ilka teetered about the den in her 6" high heels and she knew that feminizing this young man was going to make her very happy and it would also fulfil his dreams. But it was getting late so she ordered Ilka to change back into his own clothes. The last item he removed after having washed off his makeup were the incredibly high 6" heeled patent leather pumps and as he plodded home in his flat heeled boy shoes, he became depressed wondering how long he would have to wait to again enjoy the feminine sensations of his long hair, the taste of his lipstick, the tug of his garters against his long sheer stockings, but mostly the teetering and mincing steps of walking in rapier thin ultra high heeled shoes.

The following morning, Lisa did her makeup and hair then dressed in a white slave dress with a full and flowing skirt. Underneath she had on a white satin garter belt that held her sheer stockings over a bare black bushy cunt. Worrying what her mother might think, she stepped into her high heeled but virginal white pumps and walked downstairs for breakfast. As she stood and made her toast, her mother came in and said "You look very pretty today sweety; It's nice to see you wearing pretty shoes; you have such nice legs". Hoping that she wouldn't give away her new found sexuality, Lisa answered "I thought that I should start wearing shoes with a bit of a high heel; I think that those flats that I've been wearing are probably ruining my arches".

Her mother looked carefully at the steep vertical arches of  her daughter's feet but related more to the lady-like pumps and said "I think you're right; those high heels look just nice; they're not too high to be trampy andthey are so pretty". Lisa laughed to herself and left for school.By the time Lisa had walked the 9 blocks to her school her pads were on fire and her arches ached terribly from the steep perch of the high heeled pumps. She was grateful that the toes were not too pointed like the red satin evening pumps she had first worn, because there was at least some relief for her toes. Stangely though she had no desire to remove her high heels; somehow that was unthinkable. Dave Este, a boy that Lisa had loved from afar but who had never seemed to notice her, came up to her near the cafeteria where she was standing and started to talk. "Good morning Lisa, you look really pretty today; as a matter of fact you look nicer today than you ever have; did you do something different with your hair?".
Lisa just smiled and decided to take a chance "Hello Dave. Thank you very much but my hair is just the same, but I've decided not to wear the same style anymore as everyone else does. I'm tired of shoes with low heels; I've decided to wear shoes with high heels all the time; heels just as high as I want". Dave answered, flashing fascinated looks constantly at her steeply arched insteps in the high heeled pumps "There's something I've been wanting to talk to you about; can I walk you home after school?". Lisa just answered "No, I can't. I'm going out after school to buy some new high heeled shoes but I'll see you at he dance tonite; I'm just going by myself".

Dave watched with new found facination as this beauty clicked away on those high heeled shoes.Wendy Dunn prepared to go to school with new found sexuality. After a shower, she shaved her tanned legs, did her long blond hair in a full sexy style, and applied plenty of makeup to her lovely face. Wendy put on a strapless bra that was heavilly underwired to push up her already ample tits and then put on a white low cut blouse with padded shoulders. She then wiggled her long legs into a short black skirt that was extremely tight. Wendy paused to look at the white kid leather high heeled shoes sitting on the bedside table. Black printing that said "LADY'S HEELS" only served to highlight the steeply pitched insoles that would hold her feet on tiptoe this day. Wendy held each pump in hand as she pointed her bare toes and worked her too large size 6 1/2 feet into the size 6 high heeled pumps. This caused her already high insteps into steep and sexy arches in the lovely high heeled pumps.

Wendy stood and looked in the full length mirror; wearing no stockings, she had to stomp gently to push her too big feet into the tight pumps which crushed her toes into the semi-pointed toes. Instead of complaining about the pain caused by shoes that were too small, Wendy was still trying to figure how she could manage to get a pair of patent leather 6" stilletto heeled shoes. Wendy literally strutted her white high heeled pumps all the way to school. The steel tips on her high heels clicked sharply with each tiny step. When Tommy Adams ran up to say hello, his first remark was "Hi Wendy, you look terrific today; especially in those high heeled shoes". Wendy knew she had him hooked so she said "So you like girls in high heels. If you don't already have a date, why don't you meet me at the corner tonight? I might even wear higher heels than these, wouldn't that be nice?" Tommy just stammered "It'd be just fucking great" and knew he'd break his date with Julie who had constantly complained when he got her to wear little heels.

All day long Ilka had suffered the beauty of his Mistress. She had dressed today in a plain black dress, sheer stockings, and tiny little black patent leather mules with ultra slim heels that measured 5" high. The toes of these shoes were closed and very pointed like all of her fine pumps but the backs were totally open like her delicate satin high heeled slippers. The high narrow heels were slimmer than he had ever seen; even slimmer than a pencil. At the end of the school day Liz said "You will walk me home. I have advised your mother that I will require some help for the weekend and she graciously offered your help to assist me."The walk to her house was very tough on Ilka. He had to slog along in his Reebocks while she pranced on clicking high heeled mules. He was fascinated by the way the mules flopped on her steep arches with every dainty step.

Liz told him to take a shower since they would be going out shopping after Ilka had changed into appropriate clothing. When he was washed, Liz did his makeup and his wig again in the sexy blonde style. This time the Mistress gave him no stockings but she painted all of his toenails in a bright red polish. A heavily padded full length bra tigtly cinched Ilka's waist combined with lacy but very tight ladies panties, assured the feminism of Ilka's figure. The dress she put him in was a red and white taffeta with a full skirt farmer's daughter style. He still did not know what to expect. She said "We must go shopping and since high heeled shoes as high and sexy as the one's we wear, attract so much attention anyway, we won't compound the problem for you with our dresses".

Although he had long since known that all of her high heeled shoes were very beautiful, he was quite surprised by the pair that she selected for him. They were black patent leather sandals with open toes and slim sling back straps. The heels were the same ultra slim stilletoes like the heels of her mules but these measured 5 1/2" high. The soles of these dainty shoes was wafer thin and the toes were completely open. The strap over the toes was only about an inch wide and the sling on the back of each dainty slipper was about 1/4" wide. Although Ilka was now very feminine and had slim and tiny feet, he always marvelled at how all high heeled shoes seemed to be so small. The toes of these shoes were not pointed and the sole underneath where his pads and toes would soon be cradled seemed so terribly tiny. The steep and shiny black leather insole was enhanced by the thin sole and the narrow litle platform that would soon hold the back of his foot atop the skinny stilleto heel.

Unlike the gold D'Orsay and the black and white spectator pumps that he had first worn, he had to work his feet into these high heeled sandals. Holding each sandal by its delicate heel, he worked his toes under the tight strap until the pad of his foot was positioned to the point where the delicate high heel caused the insole to rise steeply. Only then would the narrow sling strap slide onto the back of his foot, holding the shiny high heeled sandals in place. Ilka then lovingly wiped the finger prints from the glistening black patent leather stilletto heels until they shone.As Ilka stood up on the towering 5 1/2" high heels, he realized that walking in these delicate heeled sandals was going to be more difficult than walking in the Mistress' 5" high heeled pumps. There was clearly less support in these high heels both at the toes and especially at the back of his feet. It was very hard to keep these rapier like stilletoes from teetering as Ilka walked about on the slippery hardwood floors.
These incredibly thin heels felt so spindly and breakable but the difficulty in balancing on these heels, his bare feet and bright red toenail polish was creating a completely new form of intense pleasure. Although Ilka had become very adept at walking in 5" heeled pumps and had some success in the 6" heeled pumps, the lack of support in these dainty 5 1/2" heeled sandals was causing quite a new delight in her steeply pitched arches. Liz and Ilka left the house and began the walk to the downtown mall. Although Ilka was very excited about wearing the beautiful clothes and especially about wearing high heeled shoes in public, he was worried about his feet; the walk to City Center Mall was at least a mile.

Every once in a while, the tiny sling strap of his high heeled sandal would slide down from the back of Ilka's foot. For a few steps Ilka would try to walk as if in stilleto heeled mules, a style that she had yet to wear. She soon discovered that walking in these teetering heels without the support of the sling strap was far too difficult. It attracted a lot of attention as the sexy young blonde would hold on to anything in order to slide the strap of her magnificent high heeled shoe back into place.By the time they reached the shopping mall, Ilka was thankful for the cool tile and the air conditioning. Although Ilka was slill matching Liz with her beautiful mincing walk, his feet were very sore. But when Ilka heard a young woman say to her girlfriend, "My God, look at those magnificent high heeled shoes on those two woman", all the discomfort became worthwhile.

While Liz looked at furniture, Ilka decided to look in some of the finer lady's shoe stores. Ilka was shocked because all of the lady's shoes that were on display had very low and very thick heels. In each store Ilka asked to try on some stilleto high heeled shoes like the ones she was wearing and each time the sales girl would say "High heels are out of style; you can't buy old fashioned spikey heels like yours any more. Besides those high narrow heels are too hard to walk in and they hurt your feet". The sales girls would always look strangely at llka when the immediate reply was "Why would a woman want to wear flat shoes like boys, when you can all wear high heels like mine all the time? And my high heels don't hurt, they feel wonderful."

When Ilka and Liz turned the corner to strut their fine stilleto heels the last half block home, they both saw Lisa and Wendy standing on Liz's front porch waiting. It was inportant to Liz that both girls were still standing, not sitting on the porch furniture, and it was also important that they were both wearing their white high heeled pumps. Despite terribly sore feet, Ilka was very careful that the teetering walk in the 5 1/2" heeled sandals was perfect, especially since she hoped that the girls would notice that his heels were higher than the stilleto heels of their Mistress' mules.

Lisa was the spokeswoman. She said "We both have dates tonight and we both need to have a pair of really sexy high heeled evening shoes. You both are wearing beautiful sandals but I would prefer high heeled pumps". Wendy agreed that pumps were prettier and that she wanted to have 6" high heels to really impress her boyfriend. Liz looked at the too tight pumps on Wendy's feet and knew that the pain that this girl was obviously able to endure, she wouldn't be happy until she'd strutted herself around in a pair of 6" stilleto heels. Both girls explained exactly what they wanted and Liz said to Ilka "Go and change into a pair of fresh high heeled shoes, bring my high heeled bedroom slippers, and find something that will match Lisa's pink party dress.

When Ilka reached the closet his heart was throbbing to think that the Mistress had instructed him to put on "fresh high heels" but for the very first time, had left the choice to him. Ilka searched the large closet for the perfect pair of high heeled shoes. Near the back of the closet in an area where older and worn-out high heeled pumps had been stored, was a rack containing at least twenty pair of brand new high heeled shoes. On the top shelf, there stood a shining pair of satin lined evening pumps. Ilka took them down and set the beautiful pumps on the floor. One at a time Ilka reached back and slid down the sling of each stilleto heeled sandal. In turn, each delicate little high heeled shoe clattered ono the floor as Ilka stepped into each pump. With tender bare feet encased in their towering silky perch, Ilka suddenly realized why the Mistress had demanded so long a walk in those teetering heeled sandals; for despite the height of the heels on these evening pumps and the small steps possible in them, Ilka's walk on these high spindly heels was very pretty.

When Ilka returned she was carrying the Mistress' satin 5" heeled slippers and a pair of pink patent leather D'Orsay pumps with ultra pointed toes and 5 1/2" heels of the extra slim variety. Both Lisa and Wendy gasped when they noticed Ilka's shoes. Gold patent pumps with pointed toes and rapier steel tipped heels 6" high that clicked sharply on the hard floors. It shocked Ilka and the girls when Liz said "It's probably a good idea that you decided to break-in your brand new gold high heels. The heels that we all love to wear are really far too high. But it so hard to feel truly feminine when the toes of your shoes aren't pointed enough, or the straps of your sandals aren't thin enough, but when your heels aren't higher than everyone else's, God knows I don't feel like a real woman. By the way, we'll both be on our feet in our high heeled shoes all night at the dance; we're the chaperones at the dance". Ilka was thrilled not only at the Mistress' gift of the high heeled pumps but also that they would be out again tonite.

 After the girls had admired the way that Ilka had lovingly removed the Mistress' delicately heeled mules and had replaced her high slippers, Lisa sat and slipped off her virginal white pumps in order to put on her sexy pink high heeled D'Orsays. Lisa was now well aware of her sexuality in high spiked heels so there was no way she was going to complain about the pain of having to force her widely spread toes into the tightly pointed toes nor her already aching arches steeply pitched on the 5 1/2" stilleto heels. Liz cautioned "I suggest that you hide those pink high heeled shoes somewhere and leave your house for the dance in your white pumps. At your age those ultra thin heels might get your parents wondering." Lisa left in her white high heels, having hidden the delicate and feminine D'Orsay high heels in her large purse. When she was gone Liz said "Ilka fetch those special pumps from my bed. I think that they're exactly what Wendy needs to satisfy her need to wear sexier high heeled shoes than anyone else".

When Ilka returned she was carrying a very special pair of brand new 6" heeled pumps. They were very erotic candy-apple red patent leather pumps with gold insoles. The delicate pumps had ultra-pointed toes and incredibly slim stilleto heels. Instead of a rounded vamp like Ilka was used to, the vamp of these pumps narrowed to point like the toes of her shoes. The edges of these pumps were scalloped and at the back of the high shoes there were sharp scalloped spikes of red patent leather that would extend up the back of Wendy's ankles. To top off the trashy affect, a thin gold line extended from the top of the pump's center ankle spike down the slender stilleto heel to the bottom where each heel was capped with a gold steel heel tip.Wendy squealed with glee and carelessly kicked off her plain white pumps. She grabbed the red patent pumps and sat down to put them on. Liz and Ilka looked at one another as they watched how Wendy had to force her too large feet into the tightly pointed toes. Wendy's toe cleavage showed at the pointed scalloped vamps and it was obvious that her toes were crushed into the ultra-pointed toed pumps. Ilka said "Are you sure you want to wear those high heeled shoes, they're too small for you and those heels are so high? Your feet will get terribly sore". Wendy just laughed and said, "That doesn't matter. These high heeled shoes make me feel so sexy and they'll have the right affect for what I want. Besides, there's no way I am going to any party unless the heels of my pumps are at least as high as yours".

Unlike Lisa, Wendy left the house in her shiny red patent high heeled pumps. Her walk was very affected and unsteady as she clicked and minced very tiny steps down the sidewalk on the steel tipped 6" stilleto heels.These four women dressing for the dance was an excercise in contrast. Ilka put on a tightly corsetted white teddy with garters and a padded bra along with sheer seamed stockings and a pair of very tight ladies panties to hide the secret only he and his Mistress knew about. Ilka slipped his slight frame into a white silk evening dress that fit tightly on his feminine frame. Ilka thrilled as (s)he stepped up and into her new gold 6" heeled pumps and admired the now 5'6" tall blond beauty that stared back at him.Over bare breasts, no panties, and sheer stay-up stockings, Lisa wore a pink short evening dress with flower applicays. Her white pumps did little to enhance the outfit and when she left the house her mother had said "It's too bad you don't have pink shoes to match your dress".

As they drove off, Dave Este watched in fascination as Lisa removed her pink stilleto heeled D'Orsays from the too large purse she had brought to his car. Dave said as his pulse quickened "So you do have pink ones; why didn't you show them to your Mum? Those high heeled shoes are really sexy". Lisa just slipped her feet into her 5 1/2" heeled Dorsay pumps and as her bare pussy moistened, she placed her feet on his lap and said "Because these stilleto heels are so high that I was afraid she might give me a hassle about wearing them. Do you really think my new high heeled shoes are sexy?" and she smiled as she felt his erection harden under her thin heel.Wendy wanted to look as trashy as possible and her outfit was going to help. After having made-up in a sexy way and having done her long hair in a full and messy style, she slipped into black seamed stay-up stockings that came almost to her wet cunt. She had already decided to wear no panties. Nude but for the black stockings, she sat on her bedside and held each of the 6" high heeled shoes so that she could work her feet into the tiny pumps. She shone the fingerprints from the red patent leather and stood to admire the effect of her steeply arched insteps.

She smiled as she teetered nude on the red high heeled shoes. Her already high arch was thrust up and forward by the too small shoes and the too high heels. After having encased her huge tits in a push-up bra, she wiggled into a tight, low cut black leather mini-dress that barely covered her dripping cunt. Since her mother believed her to be a tramp anyway, nothing was said as the oversexed young woman teetered out the door in the red patent pumps with those silly too high heels.Liz shocked Ilka as she entered the living room in a very tight tit and hip hugging strapless white silk evening gown with a floor length dress bottom. Ilka said "Mistress, you look fantastic but no one will be able to see your high heeled shoes below that long gown. You are wearing high heels, aren't you?" Liz took a few steps to reveal a slit that rose almost to her hip. Each step in her long gown revealed a pair of white patent leather mules with large bows on the instep strap. The incredibly thin heels were 6" high. The Mistress was wearing these tiny little mules over bare feet and had painted her toenails shocking red.

Ilka was fascinated because these mules did not have pointed toes like her own 6" heeled gold pumps and as a result, her shoes seemed to be twice as high as they were long from the tip of the thin heel to the toe. Ilka also noticed that with the lack of support afforded by the steeply arched mules, even the Mistress teetered slightly as she peroetted on her 6" high slippers. It was a very sexy affect.The Mistress asked "Ilka, what would you rather do; would you rather wear my high heeled shoes or would you rather watch me wear them?" Ilka answered "I would get much more pleasure from wearing high heels myself". Then the Mistress asked "Would you be terribly disappointed if I told you to take off your 6" stilletoes and made you wear my 5" high heels?"

 Ilka answered "Mistress, I would always do as you ask, but I feel much more dressed up in my 6" heeled pumps." The Mistress said "Then you are beginning to understand. You cannot see your heels but you can definitely feel the difference between a 5" and a 6" heel. If we only wanted to attract attention to our high heeled shoes, 4" heels would be plenty high enough. Granted, we both like to admire the look of our high heeled shoes in the mirror, but the real reward is in the knowledge that we represent the ultimate in feminity. When most women will not consider a 3" heel, we wear 5" heels for casual attire and 6" stilleto heels for dress."

Ilka was truly beginning to understand.Wendy had teetered the six blocks to the entrance of High Park where she had promised to meet Tommy Adams. When she came into view, he stood and watched instead of walking over to greet her. Watching her take those tiny mincing steps in her glistening red high heeled shoes was giving him a raging hardon.Wendy could see the bulge in Tommy's pants and knew that these incredibly high and uncomfortable pumps were having the desired effect. She did not understand why, but the pain she was having to endure not only from the point of the toes but especially from the height of these heels, did not seem to matter; what did was the fact that she knew that her feet, legs and beautiful high heeled shoes were captivating not just her sexuality but his as well. As she teetered up to him he said "Those sexy red shoes are a real turn-on. I'm going to make you leave them on while you suck my cock". Wendy now understood her femnine control and as she slapped his face she said "You talk like a pig. You will kiss and lick my high heeled shoes and you will treat the heels with love or I will give you no pleasure".

Tommy did not understand this new feeling of obedience, but he just watched and followed in silence as she teetered through the grass to the thicket where they always enjoyed their sexual escapades.Wendy was really surprised to find that walking through the grass in these high heels was much harder than teetering her fine pumps on the sidewalk. Her stilleto heels sank deep into the soft earth and it pulled at her pumps so badly that had they not been too small and so tight, it might have pulled the beautiful high heeled shoes from her feet. Hidden in the trees of the thicket, Wendy ordered Tommy to strip naked and to watch in silence. She first slipped off her leather mini-dress and then she released her large and firm tits from the tight pushup bra. As she sat down on the blanket he had brought she said "One at a time you will remove each of my high heeled shoes, then you will carefully take off my sheer stockings, and then you will put my beautiful high heels back onto my feet and you will worship my shoes. You will pay special attention to the heels".

Tommy lovingly removed her left pump and standing it up against his leg, he delicately slid off her stocking. Holding the high stilleto heeled and pointed toed pump near his face, he marvelled at the now dirty red patent leather, the steeply pitched gold leather insoles, and the incredibly high thin heel upon which she balanced. After he had done the same with her other stocking and shoe he realized that he was shocked by how hard he had to push to get the delicate pumps onto her bare feet. He thought to himself how uncomfortable they must be to wear and to walk in, and this excited him.Her cunt became incredibly wet as he followed orders and began to lick and suck on the high narrow heels. She experienced sexual pleasure like she had never known before as he cleaned the dirt from her high heeled pumps with his mouth and his tongue.

She began to realize that the beauty of high heeled shoes was as sexually exciting to the wearer as the watcher. She became hotter as she studied above the v-cut vamps, her toe cleavage cramped into the narrow points, the spikes of red patent leather on the back of her ankles, and especially the long narrow stilleto heels with their gold stripe that flowed in and out of Tommy's mouth.As she fingered her cunt, she could see that his oral worship of her high heels was causing his hard cock to throb with pleasure and she was struck with an idea. As he alternately licked the pointed toe and sucked the stilleto heel of her left shoe, she removed the right one and shoved the 6" stilleto heel deep into her wet cunt. Gutterally she ordered "I'm going to cum on my hard heel and you will suck my other one and spray your jism into my red high heeled shoe".

The idea of this turned him on so much that he began to suck her heel even deeper and harder. Watching the long heel near his cock gush into and out of her sloshing cunt and seeing her writhe in orgasmic pleasure caused his release. His jism sprayed mostly onto and into the shiny red patent leather pump whose heel was almost buried in her spasmotic cunt. Wendy told Tommy to take off as she began to dress. She slipped her feet and legs back into her sheer black stockings and then after cleaning the dirt and cum from her trashy red high heeled pumps, she sat and again forced her feet into the pointy toes and up onto the narrow heels. She truly wished she could step into her high heeled shoes as she had seen Ilka do so often but they were too tight. After she encased her tits in the push-up bra and wiggled into the tight dress, Wendy stood and felt 5" of her 6" stilleto heels sink deeply into the turf. As she made up her mind to go to the dance, she reached a red nailed finger under her mini dress and carressed a very wet and tender cunt. She thought that despite all the cocks that had battered her pussy, none had given her the pleasure of the 6 inches of her high heel; but they didn't hurt as much either.

With narrow heels sinking deeply with each step, Wendy stumbled the hundred yards back to the park entrance. All eyes turned as the sexy teenager stood alternately on one foot to clean newly acquired filth from her towering 6" high heels.   By the time Wendy had walked the 12 city blocks to the high school dance she had become even more adept at walking in the teetering 6" red stilleto heels. Despite pain in her cramped toes and her steeply pitched arches, she made sure that each step was onto a straight heel and that the inward teeter was on the shoe she stepped from. This was the perfect high heeled walk that both the Mistress and her maid had shown her.


Dear PatentLetter Readers ....

Just a pair of shots taken by my new digital camera: a Kodak DC 210.
They are a pair of brown shoes bought in Viareggio (Italy); they have a 7" heel and are a 43 1/2 european size. Note that you are the first people that can see my own shoes. Maybe in future I'll write to you my story ....




Thank you for this nice pictures. One picture is inserted in the top storie ...We hope to see more in the future Ed -- Tom

I wrote two stories.....I wish I had pictures for you.....If you want to change the story from the GIRL's point of view that would be swell too.....I hope these fit into your page....

ANOTHER BURGER STOMP-You Can Have It Your Way :-) 28-Jun-98 TRUE STORY

Reminds me of a date I had last month. Cheryl and I have been dating for two months and I always enjoyed this lady's great legs and heels which she always wore. Friday night she was wearing a sun dress with white 4 inch spike heel pumps and an instep strap which I really like. She and I talked about my wanting to have her do some crush and trample but I didn't think she would do it and I didn't want to push it because ...well....I want to keep on dating her.
All through the movie she was rubbing the calf of my leg with her shoe and I was toetally turned on. Went through the drive up at McDonalds and she asked me to order another Big Mac and Fries for later. When we came back to my apartment we had to walk across the grass to the apartment and I love to walk a little behind her to watch those heels sink into the grass and to look at the indentations they make in the dirt. She told me to put the "Happy Meal" on the table. It is an old table and she asked if I minded if she stepped up on the table. Mind?.,,,,,,,WOW! She told me to put a CD on and to sit down for dinner. She then stepped up on my thigh with her lovely size 7 heel and dug it in. Her next step was up on the table and as she walked on the table she left indentations in the wood as her spikes are very thin and sharp. She is about 110 pounds and about 5'2" and a great body. The heels went into the table top never the less making little indentations with each of her steps.I later counted about 50 dents. She did not notice it but I knew it was going to be a reminder. I also saw

She told me that she knows I really like her legs and feet and she asked if I wanted to be fed with or without her shoes on. What a question, I of course said with and she asked if wanted to clean off the dirt from her spikes........I said I could do it now or later.. She laughed and...... she proceeded to step into that BIG MAC with her heels. The "Special Sauce" which got all over her heels would remind me of the special sauce I was going to shoot all over her legs and shoes later on that evening. The Big Mac was no match for her power and she used the toe of her other shoe to keep the burger from staying stuck on her heel. She told me to open my mouth and she skewered a piece of the burger with that sexy heel and stuck the heel, meat and all in my mouth which I dutifully sucked on. She continued to mash the burger and the fries into a pulp with those lovely shoes and she fed me parts of it for the next 10 minutes. She kept asking me if I was enjoying it. Of course I had a mouthful and could only mumble my enjoyment.

When I finished my meal and cleaned off her shoes with my tongue, she noticed the little indentations and asked if I minded. Of course not as the table was from Goodwill. She then took her heel and dragged it across the top leaving a bit of a scratch just to remember this event and that she wanted to do this again. WOW!!!!! She began to step down from the table onto my lap with her shoe and she said,"You have quite a woody there and we will have to take care of that"....but first it is on to MY fantasy next.
Needless to say, this has been a great month...and I just wanted all you CRUSH and TRAMPLE fans to know that you CAN have it your way.....MMMMM  Any thoughts about what she and I can do next????
I do like sea food. :)

When I was in college this past year, we decided to have a frat sorority tackle football game and this totally sexy girl I wanted in the worst way came out on the field wearing a pair of her younger brother's football cleats with the steel tips and inch long nylon spikes. There were seven spikes on each shoe, for you non-football fans. I told her that she was looking mighty scary and that she obviously was out to do a little damage. One of my frat brothers made the mistake of putting his hand on the turf as she was running by. She "accidentally" stepped right on the back of his hand with her steel tipped cleats. This guy felt no pain as he had had a few beers all during the game. There were large spike marks where she jumped on his hand and she had a big grin on her face when I told her she was going down on the next play.

I had been giving her a rough time all game and she told me that she was going to run right over me with her cleats and not to get in her way. The next play I got blocked to the ground face up and as she was running by me she jumped on me with her spiked football shoe and dug the metal tips into my chest. While I was trying to tackle her she brought the other spiked shoe onto my chest and planted it in my gut. She then pushed off trying to get some traction at the expense of my chest as the spike tips slid across my now exposed skin and she ripped up my chest pretty good. She was only like 5'2" and weighed about 105 pounds..but boy could she move those feet. The skin had been scraped off where she ran as she dug her spikes in. You could see exactly where the 7 spikes on her shoe had landed. After she got tackled she ran by me laying on the ground and put her spiked shoe on my chest and told me, "Try to tackle me again big guy and I plant these spikes in your groin." She smiled and I knew this was a match made in heaven.

Obviously I liked her style and she knew it....a couple of plays later I had her around the waist and I slid down to the ground. She kept her sexy feet going digging up turf and ground....and then my cock got caught up in the spikes as she kept trying to run...and she landed a couple of solid spike stompings on my cock and thigh. This girl was playing for keeps and I was down for the count....She felt kind of bad and she came up to me and apologized.... After the game I couldn't help but want to be with her.....she cleaned up real nice and I asked her out....that weekend she wore the sexiest spike heels I had ever seen....and I commented later on about how sexy I thought her legs and feet were especially in those SPIKE HEELS. She laughed and said that maybe she could do the same thing with her spike heels that she did with her football cleats on me the previuos week. She asked if I had learned my lesson on the football field that no one could bring her down. The gauntlet had been thrown. I could only hope....Three dates later....well that is another chapter in this true story....I still have the cleat marks to prove it... :)
TOTALLYSPIKED and loving it.


Sorry, no input this month

In the interest of our common love for the high heeled foot, I submit my recent report on some sexy mid-heels offered by Lord & Taylor.

"Thank you, Alexa. In other erotic news today, this week is New Year's Eve -- the number one party night of the year. Here with this week's High Heel Report on "Special Occasion Comfort Shoes" that still are sexy is ENN's Leg Expert, Johnny Tender.

"Thank you, Charlotte. I do not know if this is on purpose or not but Lord & Taylor ran almost a full page ad promoting a series of 4 sizzling, sensible heel shoes in the "Impeachment Pullout" section of The New York Times this week. Lord & Taylor KNOWS where their audience is, Charlotte.

Now, to better demonstrate these shoes, I have shrunk myself to 6 inches in height for this report and brought in 4 lovely legged ladies to model these shoes for me.

These 4 styles of shoes are called Nina(R) Special Occasion Comfort Shoes which cleverly incorporate the sexy looks of straps and open toes into 2-1/2 to 3 inch heels and provide shock-absorbing gel-cushioned sock padding to provide "lift" and energy while dancing, or for showcase-walking elegantly through a cocktail party.

The heels are wide about 1-1/2 to 1-3/4 wide yet authoritatively stylish while the vamps of the heels cutaway to showcase the sexy top of the woman's foot in all 4 styles.

I'm standing next to the first shoe, "The Rival," worn by my friend Esperanssa. Esperanssa has long slim legs and is tall so the no-buckle Criss- Cross X-strapped "Rival" with square Mary Jane toe gives a sassy eye-drawing "X" look to her elegant transparent stockinged foot. (Esperanssa rises first one heeled foot on its toes then the other.)

The Mary Jane toe does not reveal the toes, but the slightly concave heel breast on the wide two-inch heel is engagingly flirtatious to the eye. The back of the heel (the counter) is voluptuously curved too. As you can see the
curve of the back of the heel leads the eye seductively up the back of the
ankle and up Esperanssa's muscular swell of calves.

"The Rival" is available in navy, tan or as Esperanssa, prefers, black. The thin vamp hugging cris-cross strap that is all of one piece with the shoe (no buckle) cuts slightly into Esperanssa's stockinged foot suggesting restrained repressed lusts within her voluptuous foot.

Notice this feature: (Johnny reaches his hand up to a slit in front of the ankle between heel and sidestrap)

"Oh, Johnny. That tickles."
"Sorry, Esperanssa, don't step on me."
'Oh, I won't."

This sexy flirty 1/4" slit is where the criss-cross strap plunges down the sides of Esperanssa's foot in front of her ankle bones. This reveals coquettishly a slice of forbidden foot and will rivet a man's eyes when Esperanssa is seated with one leg crossed over the other, as Esperanssa is doing now. This 1/4" slit is a stud magnet.

"The Rival" is for showcasing and flirting with powerfully sexy class. It is great for long gowns or short minis and will give you just enough shape to the ankle and calf to walk that thin line of danger between class and sass.

The second shoe is a strappy Sandal called "Gloria," modeled by the legs of Mari whose passionately curved and voluptuous legs are set off by the 3 inch "cock-thick" heel and the sandal totally bares her feet. Mari is wearing the silver metallic Nina "Gloria" which is irresistible. It is also available in black or elegant navy satin.

This platform sandal viewed head-on presents as a circle strap around the top of the ankle, tethered with two perpendicular straps that track straight down on either side of the ankle bone to the shank of the heel just in front of the wide firmly erect and voluptuous heel. 

"The Gloria" is a shoe made for the woman who, like Mari has succulent taut full calves and thighs where the legs carry the sexuality.

Viewed head-on like this (Mari turns and presents her red enamaled toes forward) you notice that the ankle strap slashes boldly, sexpot-saucy in a / across the front of the ankle in dazzling sexual challenge that whips the eye giddily across Mari's bare vamp to the open-on-the-side v strap that clutches Mari's red toes. The V strap track left to right on the right foot and right to left on the left foot tapering in a "<" strap, that opens over the side of Mary's suggestive elegant "welt" (welt is an area of the shoe-- not her foot) just behind her large toe yet closes demurely on the other side of the sandal just to the right of her little toe. The effect is of the shoe capturing her beautiful foot for your pleasure and presenting it shamelessly. (A pretty pedicure is a must for this shoe.)

The "Gloria" brings glory to Mari's foot and makes her posh foot you see here elegantly bare and impossibly sexy and empress-like. It is a shoe not to be worn by the timid woman, but by the confident woman in search of a night to remember who will not be self-conscious at having her feet and legs devoured by male eyes.

The third Nina again makes use of the asymmetry of straps to lock-in admirers.

Called "The Brilliant" it comes in black, navy, silver or gold satin. Worn here by my friend, Adrienne, the Bronze Blonde from Tallahassee the heel is 3 inches, again with the trademark 1-1/2 to 2 " wide and 3 inch high "thick- cock" heel as I dub it...heels thick enough to provide even weight distribution and support the heel with no fear of toppling.

Viewed Head-on the strap provide a spectacular "sarong sling" < slash across the vamp of the foot with a small square closed toe \_/ look. The S-curve "sarong sling strap" as I call it reveals generous "slung slashes" of pedflesh building the foot visually in three luscious slashes of flesh created by the two straps. The effect again is of the foot being held prisoner in leather straps for the partaking.

The high heel buckles on the right or left outside of your foot as Adrienne is turning to demonstrate....and here again on the instep on the inside of each shoe there is this scrumptious 1/2" peek-a-boo glimpse of soft under ankle flesh inbetween buckle strap and heel catch that you will feel male eyes crawling on all evening. 

The back of the heel is rounded closing high on the back of your ankle, the heel plunging with thick authority to the floor. The shoe is imperial especially in gold satin and wearing dark or transparent stockings it will give a look of supreme confidence and create a delicious eye swirl up over your ankle to your calves.

Final shoe to discuss is a classic fashion pump. It has no straps but has a "pert" side bow to the right of the slash vamp. It's mid-heel, again with the wide edge to edge effect (as all these Ninas have), gives a very conservative look to a long gown or a muting effect on an outrageous mini-skirt. The shoe sends a mixed message of controlled woman about to be unleashed and challenges the male seducer with the coquettish bow.

As a confirmed Stilettophile, the incorporation of stylish sexy straps on these 3 inch heels caught my eye and I highly recommend them for that special comfortable look for your New Year's Eve.

Thank you Johnny for that High Heel Report.

(C)1998, Grant Bogart. All rights reserved. May not be copied or reproduced or transmitted in any form whatsoever with permission of the copyright owner. ENN and Forbidden Internet are Service Marks of Grant Bogart.


(3/16" or 5mm)-Thin-Steel-Tipped Heels

After I reviewed the article "2. High Heel Art Project, written by: hheelss" dated May 1997, I was astonished that someone shared the same delight and effects of the steel tipped stiletto heels. I shared a similar experience with my ex-girlfriend for which I would like to tell. In the beginning my girlfriend was not really an affectionate of stiletto heels, partly because of the "chunky/soldier" type shoe fashion which is widespread in little old Belgium. I have showed her my preference of thinner heels and she find it very elegant/classic but at the same time a little bit too provocative because of the fashion environment. But at night and/or home this was more appropriate. I said to her, those type of shoes, having a slim heel, would look so nice and go with her very slim body (26" waist). I bought her a nice pair of ankle strap type pumps with a 2" showy metallic steel tip. The end of the heel tip was at maximum of 3/16" width, with total height of 4 3/4". They were so sensuous looking. They turn both of us really ON at bed. The poor mattress really suffered, but even before it had to be replaced. By walking on the wooden floors this created small indents/holes/scares. She was rather delighted to walk with them on the soft wood because of the not so loud click noise, compared to tiles. In the car she noticed they were going through the carpet when moving herself around the seat. Sometimes on tiles floors we both heard a loud "crack" and I told her she must have stepped on something. In fact the tiles were cracking and showed a tiny hole and a crack. This only with her 110lb (56kg) and very slim body (XS).One evening at her brothers place sitting at the dinner table, I noticed she feeled like stretching her feets because of the height of the heel. To relief her feet she was rocking back and forth her feet, like most women do.The cedar wood floor was like chedar cheeze and converted to swiss cheeze. This conversion process was due to the "relieving" of my beloved girl. We had so much laughs with her brother and this "energized" us by moving around. My girl was activating her stilettos as well. Oh gosh! These steel-tipped heels really had made a messy party that night.These steel tipped stillettos tends to wear relatively fast on concrete and prefer much more softer surface such as wood and carpets. I was checking these regularly. Once after some period she was not wearing them, I noticed an irregular wear. I found out that one of her 15 year old sister was after school "taking a ride" with them. We could see the effect in her room floor. She said that it was common for little girls to wear the older sisters shoes.

Nail-Heeled Boots

Once I bought her some boots: knee high with lace, heel height= 2 1/2", steel tip of 1/4" width with a nail to hold the semi-square base tip. Unfortunately the heel tip was made of brass instead of steel. This would wear much faster and decided to remedy this. I removed the semi-square base with the nail. I bought some very-hard steel nails used for concrete. I replaced the old nail by the much more performing-hardened ones. I left about 1/4" of the nail standing-out the base, this to prevent the base to wear. The tip of the nail was un-cut and left thin and spiky. This had much positive effect: less showy clicking on the floors, less wear, easy replacement of ONLY the nail itself, prevented my girl of possible slipping during winter times, etc.. These boots were looking so harmless. You really had to look beneath the boot 1/4" heel base to see the exposed nail. The nail width was about 1/16" (2mm) and standing-out 1/4" from the heel base. It was kept un-cut and spiky, ready to secure my girl of possible slipping on the floors. She agreed with me about the advantages, but said that she had to be carefull were to walk, especially in crowded places. Feets are things to take care after all. The 1/4" heel base was preventing my girl to have the nail to penetrate too much in the soft floors. In the old coffee shops in Brussels there is some old wood floors. Her heels really crunched with appetite. They were also making a sudden crunch when meeting resistance. Sometimes when walking she slided her feets, and this was showing a long scratch with a scratchy/ripping sound. Just like a cat can do. My girl was a real cat-woman! We really had fun together. We went everywhere and on many surfaces.
One day I got an invitation from one of my co-workers to go to his place. I really didn't like him very much. I suggested my girl to put the nice nail-heeled boots. She was delighted, knowing the bad reputation about this guy. Both of us entering at his place, my girl said that she would prefer to keep her boots because of her cold feets. This guy was so arrogant and really needed a lesson. With the complicity of my "cat-woman" she really made his place a messy place. By rocking her feet she was able to plough & rip & gash his wood floor. This really made us cheer and in turn my innocent friend to. We got help of the loud music which covered the "nailing" process of his floors. This friend was so delighted of the evening with us. We to. Good lesson for him.


Hallo Tom,
Nach nun Jahrelangen lesen von Patentletter, schicke Ich auch mal ein paar Bilder. Ihr meint ja immer Ihr leidet an Bildermangel...
Ich hoffe Patentletter geht trotz der vielen Ausfälle nicht irgentwann unter. Etwas vergleichbares gibts für mich nicht.Ich wollte eigentlich im Laufe der Jahre selber ein paar Stories schreiben habs dann aber doch leider verworfen. Ich hab da vielleicht noch einen Tip:
Jemand der auf meine Anzeige bei Heels 12000 geantwortet hat hat eine Sammlung von um die 90 Pumps in allen Sorten in Größe 39. Sie schrieb mir das Sie sich jede Woche mind. 1 paar neu kauft und deshalb langsam Ihre Schränke leeren muss.( Wie zum Beispiel die Bilder Heel03 und Plateuauheel01 in der Anlage ) Ihre E-Mail :
Vielleicht kann man das ja unter Seeking/Offering in der nächsten Ausgabe verwenden. Sie meinte zu mir Ich kann Ihre E- MAil auf jden Fall weitergeben weil Sie Ihren Schuhbestand drastisch reduzieren will... So das wars fürs erste... Ciao Jenny

The picture above are published with the permission from Steve & Clara at http://www.arrakis.es/~fsanta/heels                Please visit this site ..... sorry  I have forget the link .....ED Tom

This sections starts here next month .....


Hi Tom,

Great site... Can't wait to

Any chance of linking to my site at http://www.theadmirer.com.. It my own high heels and stockings site with loads of pics...I'll return the favour on my links page

Hallo Tom, schau mal hier rein:
www.ladysoftware.de/schuhe/index.htm  Gruß  Tom <Latexfashion>


Hello Tom,
this is the URL of our homepage:

The topics are: high heels, corsets, fetish fashion, male underclothing

It would be nice, if you could put our URL in the next patent letter

Yours Margit and Rupert

Hi, would you consider reciprocal links?
The High Heel Picture Exchange
Cheers, Seb

Hi Tom,
Du wolltest Dich noch gemeldet haben, ging aber sicherlich in dem Wust von E-mails bei Dir unter. Ich hab neulich mal durch die patent letters geblättert, wobei ich sagen muß, daß viele Fotos sehr schön wurden, manche Geschichten sich vom Inhalt her aber etwas zu sehr ähneln. Trotzdem ein dickes Lob!!!
Ich würde gerne einen banner dafür bei mir einblenden. Wenn Du mir den schicken möchtest, gerne... Zugleich würde ich Dich bitten, ob Du unseren banner auch irgendwo unterbringen könntest. Z.B. auf der deutschen Übersicht der letzten zwei Ausgaben oder so. Vielleicht findest Du eine Lösung. Über eine schnelle Antwort würde ich mich freuen,
Gruß, Roland


Sorry to all,I put no banner's on the Patent Letter, I will publish links to other site's. (Thats also wy PL has no banner)

Marina's High Heels Page - http://www.angelfire.com/ok/MeG

Hi Tom.

Perhaps your readers would be interested in some pictures of me getting my patent leather pumps as well as other shoes and boots wet, muddy, and messy? I've included a picture of myself getting a pump stuck in mud in case you'd like to add it to your next issue, and if you could add a link to our website that would be great.

Love Serena
The Wet and Messy Shoe Page

Visit Susan's Fashion Photo Gallery!
http://victorian.fortunecity.com/bellow/488/index.html or at http://www.geocities.com/FashionAvenue/6528/ the original page.
This site is about Fashion: Beautiful Women, Clothes, Fetish, Latex, and Leather Fashion. Corsets, High Heels, Boots, Pantyhose Fetish, Lingerie. The theme is simple. I take the best photos I can find and display them in my galleries for your enjoyment. No AVS, fees, ever. No porn, either. If you like high quality images of the above fashions, you are in the right place. Enjoy!

I have always enjoyed your site, infact I have it booked marked of my site as "My Favorite Site". Keep up the good work and if you get a chance, check out my site, all the pictures I took myself except for the Magazine stuff.

http://www.geocities.com/FashionAvenue/228 0/index.html


Here is a good high heel site with lots of pictures


Please send in new good HighHeels Link's .. Tom


Hi Tom!

I have a problem. I want to buy to my girlfriend thigh-high boots with extreme heels, for example 8" with 3" platform or like (even higher; the higher the better), size 8 British (41 European). Can you suggest some good and affordable EUROPEAN sources? Preferably with URLs.

Eagerly waiting some info.Jorma Imppola

Needle-Heels Wanted and Needed for Women (Not too high)
Seeing some concerns of women disliking very high heels, I would suggest something for them, if they still like the stiletto style. Try to find stilettos (needle-heel) of about 1 1/2" (4 cm) high and the tip to be of a maximum of width of 1/4". The problem is that they are SO RARE and practically impossible to find. We can see some of them from the 60's. If this would come back to fashion it would probably MOVE the fashion back to the stiletto and therefore please men more. Heels can grow in height, with time to. IS ANY FASHION DESIGNER HAS EVER TOUGHT OF THIS
NOW-A-DAYS? If someone knows a WWW address, please tell me.

Girlfriend Wanted for Correspondance
I am back a single guy. Myself I am a man 30 year old living in Belgium. "Well balanced" person. Loves stiletto (needle-heel) on women, my fetish! I am looking for a woman to correspond with, which would like to express her experience with stiletto heels (needle-heel). If you share the same fetish, or would like to comment on my articles please do not hesitate to write me. NO scarry nor BDSM women. Just and only women who affectionate the stiletto!!!

 Tom, I love the newsletter, I've been an avid reader for some time. I think that the letter and you are incredble. But I really prefer the old format better. The new format cheapens it. There are lots of places
on the internet with just pictures, but what makes your's unique is the format. Pictures and text; somehow put together with true genious. 
But please keep the format that we all know and love ! It's like coca cola coming out with a new cola :( Or McDonald's coming out with a veggie burger !!!

If you have to do something else, then how about some featured shoes. ie A picture of them, then tell me where I can buy them for my Girlfreind ???

As far as downloading it, I've been using teleport pro, but anawave web snake, and even the save from the browser works really fine.  Please Don't change the format !!!  Walter

Hiya Tom
Thanks for another good issue of Patent letter. You asked for comments, and I would say you have added a very professional touch to the layout. Please ignore crap like you got in that email about publishing on time.
We all know that you put in a lot of voluntary effort and rely on contributions - we are very lucky to have it published at all and getting mail like that is disheartening - so I shall be sending them some mail of my own !

I enclose my entry for the background competition - I tried it it out with the dark red text and it works well, but maybe it has a softer more abstract approach and doesn't fit in with your sharp and clinical image - these things are very subjective aren't they :-) ?

Keep up the Good work.  Jenny

I have to say of the two formats I prefer the old format better. It's easier to see and read. The smaller windows dont leave much room to see whats on the page. I vote for going back to the old format.

Thanks for a great publication! Alan

Hi Tom,
Concerning the new layout of The Patent Letter, I like the way you have given each department it's own link. This makes it much faster for the separate departments to load. I do have one complaint, and that is your use of frames. Either the frames are too narrow or you need to go to a narrower column width for the newsletter. As it is now, a couple of words are always off of the screen. This makes it very hard to read as a person has to keep clicking the left-right arrows to make sure they can read all of the words. Also, the way that the frames are set up makes it very difficult to look at the pictures. Part of a picture is always out of view, either to the top or bottom.
Tom Reed


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